Ultra Violet



Marker Test/Collage 2017

Pick up Laundry 2016/17

Tea Bag Wisdom/Purple 2017

Tea Bag Wisdom/White 2017

Art Deco Figure/Purple 1980/2017

In the Realm of the Unthinkable Beast. Little did you know that it would HELP you 2017

Vegetarian Sausage/green 2017

Vegetarian Sausage/purple 2017

Detroit Drawings incl Unknown Child’s 1983/2017

Face on Black 1984/2017

Poster for Bookies 1980

2 Abstract Paintings on Black 2016

…calling for a Revolution #1 2017

…calling for a Revolution #2 2017

Gesticulating Man 1980

Michelle & Jefre in Wigs on Ludlow St NYC 1992/2007

Future is Now What? (Purple) 2017



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