The Black One…Out of the Past, 2018

20170113171044_00001 copy20170113171044_00002 copy20170113171044_00003 copy20170113171044_00004 copy20170113171044_00006 copy20170113171044_00007 copy20170113171044_00008 copy20170113171044_00009 copy20170113171044_00010 copy20170113171044_00011 copy20170113171044_00012 copy20170113171044_00013 copy20170113171044_00014 copy20170113171044_00015 copy20170113171044_00016 copy

Black Square 2017

Black Abstract w/Color 2017

Black Figure in the Alps 1982/2017

Radio Picture 2017

Detroit Drawing 1980/2017

Concrete Poetry… 2012/2017

Black with Red 2016

Rolling Man 1980

This is Here 2017

Bewitched 2 2017

Brush Posey 2002/2017

Out of the Past 2017

Starring 2017

Bookies Nightclub (Detroit) 1980

Jefre in NY Apartment (Photo by Kay Young) 1990

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