Blue II



Blue Deco Announcing 1980/2017

Dear Unknown Blue/Black 2007

Ruta Baker on the Wall (Blue) 1981/2017

Sammy Looking at his Bird Friend (East Village) 2017

Positively 7th St. btn B & C (Deep Blue Blanket) 2017

8th St. btn B & C 2017

Josie with the Hat I bought from her – then lost, then found 2017

Sky Over the East River 2017

I Hope I’m Not Late 1982/2017

Zaha Hadid 4 EVR 2017

Future is Now What? 2017

Salmon Pâté? 1982/2018

Art Deco Figure – Light Blue/Black 1981/2018

Jefre Harwoods


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